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How would you like to be able to:

  •  Build your very own wildly profitable business online...
  •  Join the ranks of top, well-known gurus...
  •  Achieve financial freedom for you, your family, maybe even some of your friends… 
  •  Live & work on your terms, in your own time, anywhere in the world…
  •  All while doing inspired work that fills your soul and truly changes people’s lives? 

Who wouldn't want that, right?

So you know ‘WHY’ you want to start a business online but do you have a plan for ‘HOW’?

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The Way To Success (That Most People Know)…

You’re highly self-motivated and smart so you start researching online to teach yourself and form a plan; buying books, courses, training programs - one after another - from different teachers and ‘experts'...

Nothing’s wrong with that, except you wind up with a bunch of contradicting schools of thought and advice.

There are too many tools to choose from

...and new skills you need to master (each one like getting a four year degree!)
There are so many moving parts you need to somehow make work together...
...And, that’s just to get started! Now you have to get your message out...

And after months (or years) of research and work not one thing so far will make you actual money because…
You need something to sell!


You can’t just sell other people’s stuff. 

If you want to become an industry leader…
become known in your field…
you must make your own product or unique service.

Even if most of the guru advice and schools of thought could legitimately work, YOU just end up more confused than ever!

  • And now you are overwhelmed
  • And disappointed
  • And not so sure this is doable anymore
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Sometimes This Confusion Gets The Best of Seasoned Marketers Too

Everyone is looking up, so obsessed with shooting for the stars… that they forget to see where they are in the first place.

You need to know where you are right now before you know where you want to go!

People are so fixated on goals like hitting 7 figures (you can), that when they fall short of their vision they quickly get discouraged, switch direction AGAIN or they quit!

If This Sounds Familiar Right Now Believe Me, I've Been There.

When I started online in 2007, my immediate goal was to make enough to leave my night job. And of course, I wanted to achieve financial freedom for my husband to quit in the near future.

Problem was, I didn't have a clear plan. I just knew I wanted to make a living online using my wellness coaching skills, but I didn't really know what to do.


You know the saying... "Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail”. How about “The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.”  That was me. I thought all my research and work WAS planning. 


That’s exactly how I worked - constantly - for the next several… well, I’m actually too embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to ‘get it’.


I was working so hard, day and night, designing my website, writing posts & articles, creating courses & products, studying everything…

But, I actually saw results from nothing.


And I thought it was just me, throwing my precious time and effort into a black hole, not ‘getting it’ like everyone else seemed to be.


It would only be much later reading this quote that I arrived at an epiphany…

And, It Hit Me… I’d Been Doing Everything Upside-Down!


My vision was of an empire. I wanted products and coaching, a membership site, live workshops & retreats, a series of books… 


And I wanted to build it once so I had to select tools that would grow with me, have numerous products in my store, have access for members only, schedule sessions, take registrations, and of course, I needed to write years worth of content so I could fill all these parts of my business. I built a castle in the sky.


But I had not started with any kind of foundation.


Here's the thing, no matter what people are saying, the foundation of a business is to make money (so you can keep doing it). You need to make money from the beginning.

No More Confusion...

I'll help you build from the foundation up. Get started with your Free 4 Step Business Blueprint.

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There Are Building Blocks To Everything 

...And Online Marketing Is No Different

I mean, you can't just fly to step 10 when you're all the way down here at step 1 right? Building the foundation means taking every step, respecting the process, so the foundation is strong and ready to be built upon.

So, Here is ALL You Need:

  •  You need to have something to sell
  •  You need to have a site/page/pop-up to sell what you offer
  •  You need to get people to your site/page/pop-up (we call it driving traffic)


Those are the basics.  And that’s all you need.

(Get started the right way by getting your free blueprint that spells out how to do each of these in detail)

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You don't need to know html, special scripting, redirecting, social networking, back linking, blogging, begging, spamming, automatic traffic, free traffic, paid traffic, superduperoverthetoptraffic and on and on.  You don't need all that stuff.


That is all extra stuff (a lot of which you never need).  But if you use any of that - it has to go into your business AFTER the foundation.  


If you are building your business by starting with blogs and facebook and videos instead of something to sell and a site to sell it on…

  • You have the cart before the horse   
  • You are presenting your guests with the decorative topper but no cake 
  • You made a beautiful prom dress but there’s no dance to go to
  • You got the buns but where’s the beef? 

Get the point?  You have to have the foundation first.

Act Now - Build your Foundation

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Okay, once you have your foundation (You Got Your Blueprint, Right?) where do you go from here?


The Steps Of Ascension...

I’ve systemized it into 4 Stages - and I think this describes everyone on the same journey to becoming a successful and sought after expert perfectly. So here's how it goes...


The Four Steps To Become a Leading Authority Online

Stage 1 


Just starting out? Fundamentals are more important than ever at this stage. You don't want to be building a castle in the air!

For you we have:


Empire Builders Membership (All the research and how-tos done-for-you in one place. Watch step by step videos and save years of time and money.)


Keys To An Empire (This is the course to take after you set up your initial product or service following the free business blueprint. This course covers the nine keys you'll follow to grow your little business to six figures.)


Create Your Signature System (Whether you offer a service or want to make a course or product… you will have your own proprietary program, product or system all worked out by the end of this training.)

Stage 2


This is the stage where most people find themselves... struggling and wandering aimlessly for months, sometimes years... with little to no results. This is the make-or-break stage. You now have a clear signature product or service but– you’ve been chasing all the things the experts say must be done - and you are confused.  At this stage you are going to create a system to grow your tribe filled with offers they want to buy: more offers, more traffic, and higher prices.

For you we have:


Funnel & ALL Offers (You are going to create your sales funnel, all your offers and design the process your customers will take - leading them to your ultimate offer. By the end of this training you will have all the pieces in place and making sales).

Create Your Marketing Plan (Get crystal clear on who your customers are, where to find them, and how to get your offer in front of them so they can buy your products and services.)

Stage 3


Once you’ve cracked the code, and consistently make income of at least $5,000 every month you move up the ladder… not before.

In my opinion, anyone who’s making at least $5,000 - $10,000 per month and above – CONSISTENTLY – are advanced marketers. For most beginners, this is the six-figure income goal they imagined. You are successful, booked out and busy. You made it! The common struggle at this stage is SCALING the business. 

For you we have:


C.O.G.S. In The Machine (These are C.omplete O.rganized G.eneral S.ystems for all aspects of your business. Get the templates, scripts, planners, and step by step methods to run your business on autopilot, grow your team, or sell your business for bank.)

Stage 4


I know not everyone wants to put in the work for this stage. If you are happy with stage 3 you can stay there indefinitely and be completely successful. This level is for People of the Mind who want to become THE next “Guru” “Thought Leader” “Expert”… you get my drift… in their field.

For you we have:

 Coming Soon

Revolutionary Leaders VIP Intensive  (This is systematic coaching to develop your reputation and platform as an expert following proven methods including writing a book (or series), giving speeches, seminars and workshops, mass distribution of your signature products, and developing your public relations/media strategy both online and offline.)

Mastering this stage, you’re a recognized expert and people seek you out to work with. You are in the million dollar range with a full time team and business is serious…

Don't have a signature system yet?  

You NEED this...

Create Your Unique System

Of course, everyone has their own definition of success. This is ours. If you like the stages we will guide you through… don’t waste any more time. You have found your people.


The most important thing is to recognize:

Where you are NOW...

WHERE you want to go...

... And HOW you want to get there.


Look, this couldn't be more imperative. 


Unfortunately, most people aren't even aware they need a systematic plan - starting with a foundation.

If you discover, like I did, that you need to go back to the beginning… start with the Easy Four Step Business Blueprint below.

Right Now, You Have Two Choices...

 Option A

Join everyone else in spending a small fortune on a bunch of different ‘must dos and must haves’, plugins, platforms, techniques and methods…Try to make sense of the mish-mash of a mess... And NOT see results... OR

Option B 

Just honestly recognize where you are now,  pick your stage, save all the guess work and systematically build your empire on a strong foundation. You know the smarter option...

Last Chance!

Get your blueprint now and learn the only three things you need to start making actual money