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The best way to convince you our stuff is amazing is to give you a taste of what we offer and since every business now needs to be on social media, we think you'll want these. 
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I need templates & blueprints
Just copy, paste, fill in the blanks with your information, customize them for your business needs, and you have an exact roadmap to follow.
I need content to rebrand
Get programs to sell, done-for-you webinars and workshops, social media images, and other stuff you can brand and use now. Totally done.
I need to learn how to build my business
Get the 'Empire Builders' $10 membership where you'll have access to tons of video courses and a 'Passive Income' plan each month.
Want To Know More About Me?
The year was 2006. As a mother of four, I was working nights at a Denver hospital and trying to start my own business during the day. A partner and I started a Wellness Center around 2003 and I was working part-time using the coaching, hypnosis and NLP skills I got certified in back in 1995.

The practice was doing well but I was working four nights a week at the hospital then 3-4 days a week conducting client sessions at the center.

Working 70-80 hours per week, with two babies under three, two teenagers, and two jobs…   

              I was just surviving; which is what most of us end up doing...
What People Are Saying
"For once I know exactly where my business is going... "

...and exactly what I must do. Thank you for making it so easy. I was lost before I found you. Now I have eight people signed up for my first class!
"Will be buying from you again and sharing this site with my colleagues."
Loved the course!  Definitely was written better than my understanding. Will be buying from you again and sharing this site with my colleagues.
"...just what I was looking for."
THANK YOU for this journey. Your course has been amazing - just what I was looking for.

It so happens that I've decided to make this my platform for self-development. Your course happened to be my very first step towards my dream goal.
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